ReNerve collaborates with VivaZome to target spinal cord nerve repair

Renerve collaboration

ReNerve has partnered with VivaZome Therapeutics to develop therapeutic solutions for spinal cord repair. The collaboration aims to combine ReNerve’s NervAlignTM Nerve Cuff, which is expected to receive marketing approval from the FDA by early 2022, with VivaZome’s proprietary exosome technology to enhance regrowth in damaged spinal cords. 

ReNerve’s NervAlignTM Nerve Cuff is comprised of an extracellular matrix scaffold which can be wrapped around an injured or repaired nerve to protect it while it heals. The cuff may also facilitate the localised delivery of regenerative factors to the nerve. 

VivaZome’s exosomes are nano-sized vesicles that are naturally released from cells containing a cargo consisting of a variety of cellular components. These exosomes have the potential to deliver regenerative and immunomodulatory factors directly to the injured nerve, thus stimulating the regeneration of functional neural tissue and reducing inflammation.  

The companies hope to commence pre-clinical studies to examine the use of the combined technologies later this year. 

Spinal cord injury has devastating outcomes and treatment options are currently limited. Around 17,500 new cases of spinal cord injuries occur annually in the USA, with about 250,000 people there living with spinal cord damage. Safe and innovative solutions are needed to achieve meaningful improvements in their quality of life.

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Renerve collaboration