ReNerve offers extensive expertise in nerve replacement products for companies wishing to form strategic alliances. Through our expertise we have established a track record of securing partners to commercialise products through strategic partnerships, licensing arrangements and distribution agreements.

Product distribution

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Product development

We are able to help you develop, prototype and launch your nerve replacement products. We work with companies looking for fresh ideas and concepts and the guarantee of first class manufacturing and quality control processes every step of the way.


ReNerve is open to discussions around collaboration using its core expertise and technologies. The ReNerve products are unique and ideal as devices for delivery of localized treatments. Please contact the company if you would like to discuss a collaboration with ReNerve.

ReNerve collaborates with Vivazome on spinal cord repair

ReNerve and Vivazome recently announced a collaboration to combine the ReNerve NervAlign® Nerve Cuff and the Vivazome exosome technology for the treatment of spinal cord injury.

The companies will explore the use of the clean, protective, nerve guiding NervAlign® scaffold to deliver regenerative purified exosomes from selected cell types locally to the area of spinal cord injury. On implantation, the loaded scaffold matrix should release the exosomes into the local, protected environment and the additional restorative effect of the combined products on the damaged spinal cord will be measured.


ReNerve is focused on developing cleaner, safer, better tissue products that aim to provide better outcomes for patients improving their quality of life.