Bionic Nerve


NervAlign bionic nerve – ReNerve is developing a novel combination polymer technology (in conjunction with CSIRO) and ReNerve’s nerve graft to produce a replacement nerve that contains shaped ionic polymers which would enable the stimulation of the distal end of a nerve injury. ReNerve aims to produce 20+cm lengths of replacement nerve that can be cut to size.

There is currently nothing available for the repair of longer damaged nerves and this often results in long-term function issues for patients or amputation. Ultimately the combined polymer / ionic polymer replacement nerve will allow ongoing stimulation of the distal end of the site of trauma while promoting nerve regrowth. This will give patients with large nerve damage, such as those suffered during auto, industrial or military accidents and incidents, the greatest chance to re-establish partial or full function in limbs where currently there are no options for repair.

Such nerve growth promoting and stimulation properties may also prove useful in the future in restoring some functionality after spinal cord injury.

Bionic Nerve


ReNerve is focused on developing cleaner, safer, better tissue products that aim to provide better outcomes for patients improving their quality of life.