The Science


Peripheral nerves help us walk, run, eat and move, but they can be damaged or injured, and when they do, it reduces or removes a person’s ability to move. With limited options for surgeons and poor patient outcomes with the existing peripheral nerve repair devices, ReNerve knew they could do better.

ReNerve has developed a unique approach to nerve replacement products by customizing products to specific nerve replacement procedures. Products are manufactured using proprietary technology and development is in the final stages, of filing for an FDA application, with clinical studies being performed with Melbourne hospitals, Australia. Initial readouts show presentation and protection of the nerves with no negative effects.

The Science


ReNerve have taken a unique approach to developing customised nerve replacement products for specific nerve replacement procedures. Developed using eCOO® Technology, a non-toxic solvent production method was developed ensuring the products are terminally sterilized with no residual chemicals.

The  eCOO® Technology produces cleaner, safer tissue because:

  • Maintains natural crosslinking of extracellular matrix (ECM)
  • Promotes cell attachment
  • Low immunogenic risk
  • Deep microstructural penetration.

NervAlign’s regenerative properties

  • Clean material made with no toxic processes
  • Promotes cell attachment through its use of eCOO® Technology in the manufacturing process
  • Shown to promote formation of vascular and facia tissue formation as it absorbs.


ReNerve technology and products are covered by a series of patents and trademarks with the company continuing to pursue new patents and trademarks where possible.

Current patents

ReNerve has a license to the following patents

  • U.S. patents 7,108,832, 8,974,730, 7,771,652, 8,034,288 (relating to the Nerve Cuff)
  • ReNerve works with CSIRO using technology and know-how published under Quigley et al, 2013 and Kaur et al, 2015 in the areas of peripheral nerves and ionic polymers.

Current trademarks

  • ReNerve™ (number 1879717)
  • NervAlign Cuff™
  • NervAlign conduit™
  • NervAlign Replacement Nerve™

All Trademarks are filed in Australia, EU and the US and under the Madrid system. Trademarks are filed under Classes 5 & 10.


ReNerve is focused on developing cleaner, safer, better tissue products that aim to provide better outcomes for patients improving their quality of life.